Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 8 Report

As I reflect on our past week I can't help but be overwhelmed with the many blessings we experience on a daily basis. One of the sweetest things that happens every day at the mission office is our morning devotional. We discuss any business there may be, then we each take turns presenting a spiritual thought, and then we kneel together in prayer. It truly is a magical moment. Both Elder Overduyn and Elder Reeder have had medical issues these past few weeks, so we've also used this time to give priesthood blessings. We are all grateful the health issues resolved and both missionaries are doing great.

Monday was Mission Leader's Conference. It happens about once a month. The Mission President, his wife, Zone Leaders, AP's, and Sister Leaders all meet at the Tabernacle for an all day conference. They are flown in from the other islands. The mission office couples are responsible to prepare and serve lunch which is paid for by the mission. We had chicken croissant sandwiches, chips, grapes, pineapple, clementines, kale salad, cookies, and water to drink. Actually, we organized and served it, but the cooking was done by "Sister Costco" - every mission's friend. It was a wonderful conference and we enjoyed seeing all the missionaries.

Love these missionaries!

Monday night was special as Brother and Sister Mataele from our ward took us and Elders Gale and Stulce out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. They like to take the missionaries out to dinner once a month and love it if we come, too. I have to say...we love it too!

We continue to help Elders Gale and Stulce from our Manoa Ward teach a sweet single lady, Shirley. She has lots of questions and is really looking for a way to find joy in her life. She also has lots of problems and stress in her life and she says she feels such a peace when she reads the Book of Mormon and comes to church. There are a lot of new principles for her to learn and understand, but she is doing great. She has picked May 7th for her baptism. We are really enjoying our time with her.

"The Book of Mormon" play has been a big success here. This is the last weekend and I think we are all glad it is coming to a close. We've had missionaries there at the end of every performance passing out Books of Mormon. It's been a scramble getting enough copies of the book shipped in, but miraculously we've had enough. Some are calling it a miracle. I think after the last show they will have passed out about 7,000 books - AMAZING! Devon has spent a few nights there helping with the project.

Friday was a big day. It was the official and final walk-through for our new house in Lehi. Lori, Eric, and our good friend, Connie Thomas, were our eyes and inspected every square inch of the house. There are several things that need touch up, but nothing major. We enjoyed it with them through the wonder of FaceTime. We should be closing on the house in a week or so. Then it will sit and wait for us to come home. We're certainly in no hurry!

Our work in the office continues to keep us very busy. Just as I think I've got it all down, some new responsibility pops up. Thankfully everyone is very patient and appreciative of our efforts... and even happier when we actually get it right. Devon needed to deliver some mattresses to some elders in Laie, and a couple of new bicycles to some sisters at the Laie Temple Visitor's Center. So, Friday we left the office early, loaded up the mission truck, and made the hour drive to Laie. I have to admit I jump at any chance to go up's so beautiful and different from Honolulu. We delivered the goods and then headed to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We heard if you had a utility bill in your name, you could buy a year season pass to the PCC at an amazing price - $58.00 for the two of us. So, with cable bill in hand, we bought our season passes. It gives us free access to everything including the night show, and great discounts on food and anything else we want to buy there. I'm so excited!!! While we were there they had the grand opening of a new store - the Ukulele Experience. We were able to spend a few minutes there. I expect we will be going back as often as we can. 

Also on Friday night we met some special friends at Pounders for dinner - Tristan and Jill Wood and their darling little girl, Camden. They attend BYU Provo and are here on vacation. Tristan was one of our YSA in England and Jill was a sister missionary in our England Harborne Ward. Oh how I love our YSA from England! They are and always will be family to me.

My free evening time is usually spent knitting baby hats and booties for the humanitarian project I participate in, in American Fork, Utah. I can finally knit a bootie without following every word of the pattern. It's very relaxing. I plan to mail them to my friend, Lynda, and have her turn them in for me. She is my inspiration to keep working on this project. The other office sisters have decided they want to join me, so we may spend some time together knitting - that is if we can find time.

On Saturday I went to a local craft fair with a couple of other senior sisters. It was fun to go with them even if there wasn't much that I wanted to buy. I did get this pretty pair of fresh water pearl earrings.

Our week ended in the most perfect way with letters and colored pictures from Lori's family. We also enjoyed some FaceTime with family. I think we're rested and ready for a new week.

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  1. What an incredible blessing you are in the lives of all those you meet! Miss you!