Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 12 Report

We are so grateful for this past week...grateful we got to experience it, and grateful it is over! We had all the usual things that keep us busy and a few unusual things.
- We signed the final papers on our new home in Lehi. It should record on Tuesday.
- Monday was the monthly Missionary Leadership Conference. Zone Leaders come from all the islands to receive instruction from President and Sister Warner. The office couples prepared the lunch for about 40 to 45 people.
- There was lots of confusion regarding whether the two sisters from the Philippines were coming or not...and if coming, when? Finally on Friday we got their flight itineraries. They arrive next week.
- I had 9 new missionary recommendations in one day - that's a record for me.
- Devon removed a huge piece of gym-like exercise equipment from an apartment. Apparently the neighbors were complaining about the weights being dropped on the floor. The elders who were living there had no idea where the equipment came from. Probably some elders at some time acquired it and it just stayed in the apartment as elders moved in and out. They do tend to accumulate things. Anyway, it's now property of the dump.
- We moved out of our office, thanks to the help of many elders and sisters that came to box up supplies and move furniture downstairs. We couldn't have done it without them. We will be in our temporary office for about 2 weeks while the office is remodeled. It was decided to not move the telephone lines. It is very expensive and they would have to be moved twice - once down to the temporary office, and then back again to the new office. Instead we will be using our personal cell phones. There is a message on the landline with our cell phone numbers, and I sent an email to all the senior and junior missionaries. This could get interesting.

This is my old office. I loved facing this big window overlooking the beautiful Honolulu Tabernacle and its grounds. With the remodel, the window wall will have nothing on it. My desk will be on the left wall, extending in an L shape to the wall you cannot see in this photo. In essence, my back or side will be to the window. Not what I expected, but it will work...I suppose. All these beautiful, sturdy, old wooden desks are leaving and being replaced by modern metal ones. I'll post pictures when the project is done.

The office staff with Elder Ngatuvi - one of our AP's. He was released this week and went home to Orem. Such a great young man! We're going to miss him. He will be going to school and playing football at Snow College.
There has been a change in the dress standard that now allows missionaries to wear hats and sunglasses. This is Elder Ramsey and Elder McOmber. Elder McOmber's mom sent him a hat and sunglasses for his birthday. He actually was very excited although you can't tell in this photo. I think Elder Ramsey was a little jealous.

A sister missionary from our Manoa Ward has returned from her mission in Tucson, Arizona. Her family had a big welcome home party that was held at this beautiful old Hawaiian home. It was built in the late 1800's. It was purchased in 1952 for $70,000. It is amazing - big, solid, comfortable, and with a huge wrap around porch. I think the whole ward and then some were there. The food was delicious and never ending. It was a treat to share the evening with the wonderful loving and welcoming people that attended - so much fun!

The owner of the house and his son showed me a tenor ukulele they had just finished making the night before. It is made out of mahogany wood and took them a year and a half to finish. They played it and sang a beautiful Hawaiian song for me. The uke had the most beautiful sound. Wish I had taken a photo. It was good motivation to keep practicing my ukulele.

It is the custom in Hawaii to remove your shoes before you enter a house. This is just one pile of shoes outside the front door at the party.

Some of my favorite "Hawaiians". Elders Ramsey, Gale, Stulce, and McOmber.
Sunday was a typical, busy Sunday. I went to choir practice which is held right before Sacrament Meeting. We practiced "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It was straight from the hymn book, except that we are singing the second and third verse in Hawaiian. Yikes!!! I'm going to have to work on that, but it sure is fun. I love how the Hawaiian members try to help us haoles. I played the piano for Primary for one hour and then Relief Society for the last hour. I enjoy being on the bench again, except that it's so hard with the neuropathy in my hands. I came home, had a snack, and took a nice nap. Then we ended our evening with a nice FaceTime chat with Lori and her girls followed by a huge downpour of rain. The weather can change in a minute here.

We continue to feel very blessed to be here and grateful for this opportunity to serve. It's hard work, but when we see how dedicated the junior missionaries are it inspires us to do our very best. We know we will be blessed for our efforts, but that's not why we do it. We love the Lord and love his Gospel. It's just a small way we can thank Heavenly Father for all our blessings. 


  1. This all sounds like such a blessing! Hard work and wonderful associations with valiant saints. I love your blog!