Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 47 Report

Monday was off to a good start. I think we’re both feeling a little relief. I’m not sure if we’re actually better, or just taking more pain meds. Either way we’re glad to be a little more comfortable.

After our rainy, windy weekend it was a welcome sight to wake up to beautiful Hawaiian blue skies. Work at the office was a nice pace – just enough to keep busy. I was able to do the mail for Sister Shurtz and still get all my things done. My physical therapist cancelled our appointment because she had to stay home with her sick child. I’m sorry for us both.

Tuesday was another routine day. I’m still busy booking travel home for many senior missionaries. There are so many coming and going from BYUH and the PCC. We also have several MLS changes going on. It all takes time. Departing seniors also means creating letters for their stake presidents and release certificates. Fortunately I’m mid-transfer, so paperwork is slow for the junior missionaries. That will start to ramp up in another week.

Brother and Sister Mataele invited us to dinner with some of their friends that are in town for a couple of weeks. They are so generous and we love being with them. They took us to a buffet in town that has been in operation since 1944. The setting was beautiful and the food pretty good. I found out after the fact that it is about $45.00/person. I wouldn’t say it was that good!! Anyway, we had a wonderful time and are so grateful for our association with this wonderful couple.

Wednesday was a busy day. We worked in the office most of the day. Then we went to the airport to pick up a senior couple that is coming to serve at the Laie Temple Visitor’s Center. They are from Washington state, but were both born and raised on Oahu. It’s like coming home for them. After we picked them up, we drove to the mission office for a quick meet ‘n greet with the office staff. Then we drove them to their new pad in Laie. The Visitor’s Center Director met us there. After that we drove to the Visitor’s Center to drop off some supplies they requested from the office. Then a quick stop at an elders’ pad to give them some new bed frames and bed bug spray. They had their beds on the floor and were having a problem with bed bugs. It’s a process to get rid of the bugs. I hope they are successful. We met up with Elder and Sister Reeder at the Visitor’s Center. They had to deliver a car to a senior missionary and needed a ride back to Honolulu. We stopped at McDonald’s about 7:30 to pickup a little dinner and arrived home about 9:00. Early bed was a welcome sight.

Before President Warner left last July he gathered photos of the five previous mission homes used in Hawaii. Most are no longer standing. His dream was to have them framed and hung in the mission office. He didn’t get it done before he left, so he turned the assignment over to me. Part of the assignment was to take a photo of the current mission home. Well, we finally got that photo, so today Sister Reeder, Sister Shurtz, and I took the digital images to a photo place and had them printed. The next step will be getting them framed. Hopefully we’ll get that done next week.

Lanihuli Street Mission Home - Laie, Hawaii - 1850 - 1880 

Lusitana Mission Home - Honolulu, Hawaii 1880 - 1890

Kalihi Mission Home - Honolulu, Hawaii 1890 - 1950

Beretania Street Mission Home - Honolulu, Hawaii 1950 - 1960

Nuuanu Mission Home - Honolulu, Hawaii 1960 - 1985

Kahala Mission Home - Honolulu, Hawaii 1985 - present 

I made a reservation at the Pagoda Hotel for our last week here in Honolulu. They have little kitchenette studios, so we should be just fine. It seems impossible to be so close to the end.

Thursday and Friday we were blessed with more beautiful Hawaiian weather and good days in the office. President Bekker was in for a few hours on Thursday so we were all able to get questions answered. His schedule is beyond hectic. When you add in the problems that always come up, it becomes almost impossible. Fortunately, he can laugh about it…most of the time. The office staff all tries to handle as much as we can for him.

Friday I went to my physical therapist. We’re both disappointed with the lack of relief. She thinks I should be responding better. She gave me some new exercises and I will see her again on Monday.

Sister Reeder and I wore our "puffy" aloha dresses on Aloha Friday.

In the evening we went to dinner at Big City Diner with the other office couples. We’ve been to many expensive restaurants, but tonight we decided to go more basic. Both the food and the price were good, and we all enjoyed ourselves. We stopped in at Martin and McArthur’s – a fancy koa wood store. We admired everything, looked at the prices, and left with our wallets intact.

It’s Chinese New Year, so Saturday we decided to go to China Town. Someone mentioned that there would be lots going on – parades, booths, food samples, etc. Well, apparently it was last Saturday! So we bought yummy smoothies, walked around, and looked at some of the shops. Then we came home and had naps. Later we drove to the airport to meet a senior couple flying in from the MTC. They will be serving an MLS mission in Kona. They're so excited to begin their mission. 

On the way home from the airport we stopped at the Apple store. My phone has been having problems. Devon accidentally dropped it a few weeks ago and since then people have a hard time hearing me. The fall broke the microphone, and (of course) it can't be repaired. We ended up buying a new phone. That was a disappointment, but I can't believe how quickly we were able to get help and get the new phone set up. On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store and then had a restful evening in our pad watching the BYU basketball game.

Sunday was another beautiful but VERY windy day. We went to church, rested, took a walk, and had wonderful phone conversations with some of our family. We're so excited! Our good friends, David and Gwen Dodge will be in Honolulu next week - so looking forward to their visit! 

We end another week stunned by how quickly time is passing, and amazed at the many little blessings that come our way. Oh there are challenges (broken phone, achy bodies), but when I see the whole, I realize these little things pale in comparison to the love and blessings I receive daily from the Lord. He truly makes my load light. 

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