Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 2 Report

We have had four intense, but wonderful days of mission office training. We're grateful for what we've learned, but it makes us realize how much we don't know. One thing is for sure...we're going to be very busy in Hawaii. Our mission is one of the largest in the church, so I guess that explains why there are 3 office couples.

The principal Devon worked with at Timberline Middle School, Terry Hill, and his wife, Annette, arrived at the MTC on Monday. They will be going to Lima, Peru to work in records preservation. It has been a special treat to meet them for meals and share mutual enthusiasm and experiences with each other.
Devon and Terry Hill
Elder and Sister Tufts - Elder and Sister Hill

Our good friends, Dick and Myrna Graff, are service missionaries every Tuesday afternoon at the MTC. We're so grateful for a break in our schedule that let us spend a few minutes with them.

This cute missionary is Sister Royer from France. We happened to sit at the same table for dinner one evening. Devon told her he served his mission in France and she was so thrilled she insisted on getting a photo with us. This was her first day at the MTC and she will be serving at the St. George Temple Visitor's Center.

This cute missionary is Hermana Schmachtenberger. She is going to Virginia Spanish speaking mission. Her mother, Jennifer, grew up in our ward in Newhall many years ago and was friends with our daughter, Lori. When I was working at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia I was Jennifer's labor nurse when Ashlyn was born. This is the first time I've seen her since that day.

Our stay at the MTC came to an end on Thursday, March 17. We ended with a beautiful testimony meeting with our group of senior office specialists. Then we packed our bags, checked out, and drove to Emily's house. On Friday we ran final errands including a check on the progress of our new house. It's on schedule and looking good. Marianne and I enjoyed pedicures (after all I am going to Hawaii!). 

Saturday about noon, March 19, was departure time. Emily and Marianne saw us off at the airport. We leave with very excited and grateful hearts for this second opportunity to serve a mission for our Savior. We love Him! Our lives reflect the joy and blessings one can have through His gospel. We're looking forward to working with the Mission President and young missionaries in the office, but also hope we have opportunities to bear testimony and help others find the joy we have been blessed with.


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  1. Will look forward to your weekly reports on how things are going in Hawaii. I'll even have some suggestions for things to see and do on your P-Days if you have time. Enjoy!!