Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 1 Report

It would be an understatement to say that we enjoyed our first week at the MTC. It was so wonderful and inspiring. And to think we would have skipped it if we had been given the choice. What a mistake that would have been. We were part of one of the largest groups of senior missionaries they've ever had - 63 couples and 3 single sisters. There were so many that there was not room for all of us in the MTC couple's housing. We are staying at Wyview Village - apartments for married BYU students. They are not too far from the MTC and are clean and comfortable.

There is a large group of couples going to Nauvoo, and another large group that will be "stay at home missionaries" and work with the less active and non-members in their various stakes - many from Utah. A few other couples are assigned as office specialists (like us), and a few will work with the YSA. We are the only ones assigned to Hawaii. We've had lots of interesting comments and even a few offers to trade assignments, which we promptly declined!

We were blessed with wonderful trainers - Brother Gubler and Sister Nance. Both are recent returned missionaries and filled with a love of missionary work. They have truly inspired us. Another trainer was a returned missionary who served in the England Birmingham Mission while we were there. He was never in our area, but remembered us.
Some photos from our week.
Hawaii, here we come!
Our District
L to R: Elder and Sister Thompson (Ephrim, Utah), Elder and Sister Brown (St. George, Utah), us, Brother Gubler. Elder and Sister Lowder (Clinton, Utah) had to leave early, and missed the photo session.
Browns and Tufts with Sister Nance.

Now that's a lot of good looking' senior missionaries!

I've felt such a sweet spirit during our training this week. We are where the Lord wants us to be - sharing His love with all His children. A closing thought from M. J. Berrie, author of Peter Pan:
"Be a little kinder than necessary."


  1. Exciting! Please send me your mission office address. We're sending out Nancy's invites and then you'll get it when you arrive :D

  2. We are so glad you were able to have Brother Gubler and Sister Nance like we did!! Did they remember us? We loved their wonderful spirits and great teaching abilities!!

  3. Brings back some sweet memories for us. We are also thrilled that you will be able to share your many talents with so many who may need just what you have!