Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 36 Report

Can it be that another week is gone? Where does the time go? We’ve had two missionaries go home this week rather unexpectedly – health issues. It’s hard to see them go. Hopefully they can return.

Wednesday the long awaited day finally came. Emily arrived on the 3:30 pm flight from SLC. What a treat to have her here with us! Thursday morning she got up early to do a couple of hikes and spend some time at the beach. About noon Daryn, Catie, and Clara arrived. They checked into their hotel, had naps, and then came to the office. We enjoyed dinner and visiting at our apartment.

Friday morning we went into work. Emily, Daryn, Catie, and Clara headed to the Arizona Memorial. What a great way for them to spend Veteran’s Day. They said it was a very emotional experience for them all – well maybe not Clara. Daryn and family went back to their hotel for naps. Emily joined us and we left work early to drive up to see the North Shore.

Waimea Bay

We stopped at Waimea Bay and watched the huge waves. This is the time of year they begin getting big. There were about a dozen surfers way out in the ocean waiting for waves. The lifeguards were constantly keeping everyone out of the water and away from the big waves rolling in – some very scary looking.

After getting home, Devon, Emily and I caught a bus down to Waikiki to meet Daryn, Catie, and Clara for dinner at Dukes.

On the bus to Waikiki

Birthday dinner at Dukes

Dinner was yummy. Because it was Emily’s birthday we were treated to an amazing macadamia ice cream pie. We decided to also get a slice of chocolate chip ice cream pie. It was more than enough for all six of us. Then we walked down the beach hoping to see the Friday night fireworks at the Hilton. We missed it, but enjoyed the beauty of nighttime on the beach. We also enjoyed walking around the old Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Daryn is staying there – quite posh!

Night walk on Waikiki Beach

Saturday morning Emily and I went to a jewelry craft fair with Sister Overduyn and Sister Yim. It was fun. We each bought a necklace. After that we drove to the Swap Meet. When we got there we were sorely disappointed that it had been cancelled due to a University of Hawaii home football game. What where they thinking? So we drove home. We picked up Devon and drove to the Dole Pineapple Plantation where we met Daryn and his family. We had fun looking at everything and feeding the koi fish.

Train ride at Dole Plantation for this cute family.

Pineapple sunglasses anyone?

Next stop was Turtle Bay. Catie had never been there. We walked around, bought a couple of t-shirts, and had a relaxing time sitting on the beach. Clara loves the beach – not so much the water, but she sure likes digging in the sand.

On the way back everyone wanted to stop and get dinner at one of the food trucks. Now, I must admit I have been very wary of the food trucks and haven’t had anything from them yet. Many people sing their praise – I was hesitant. But…I gave in. To my surprise I had a delicious chicken dinner, and to my even greater surprise I didn’t get sick. Win! Win!

Yummy chicken dinner - from a food truck!

We stopped to watch a beautiful sunset before heading back to Honolulu.

Sunday morning I went to choir practice and then Devon and Emily joined me for church in our beautiful, historic, tabernacle. We came home and had short naps/rests before Daryn and family picked us up to do a little sight seeing. 

We stopped at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl. It was wonderful. After that we drove to the Tantalus Lookout to view all of Honolulu from high up on the mountain – breathtaking. 

Clara and Grandpa enjoying iPad time. 

Clara came back to our house for dinner and fun time with us while her parents went on a date – dinner and a magic show. We sure love having family here.

Not sure what to call this, but it grows on a bush here in Hawaii - so colorful!

This is a live tree at the Dole Plantation. So colorful!

View from out balcony.

It’s been quite a week! I want to mention (for the sake of history) that this last Tuesday was the general election for the Presidency of the United States. The result was historic and unexpected. A total outsider, Donald Trump, won – no one expected that result.  It has caused great angst with some people – others are thrilled.  America is at a crossroads. My prayer is that we can come together and learn to appreciate and love each other for both the things we have in common and the things we don’t. After all, we are all God’s children.

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  1. What a fun time with your family! Thanks for sharing all those pix!