Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 30 Report

I really debated about not writing this week, but thinking back I realize there were so many tender mercies that I would be ungrateful to not document our week. It was a hard week. Our office work went smoothly, which in itself was a tender mercy. But, I felt like I was slowing going down hill - just feeling worse and worse. My mind was racing with every possible malady my nurse brain could think of. In the end a trip to the doctor revealed an asymptomatic UTI and below normal functioning thyroid - both conditions easily treated with medication. It's been a tender mercy that my half thyroid has been functioning so well for these past few years. But finally I guess it needs a little help. I am feeling so much better! Still waiting for a couple of other tests to come back - trying to figure out what's causing some increased pelvic pain. Like I said, nurse brain going wild.

Another tender mercy has been the love and support from our fellow office missionaries, and President and Sister Bekker - so many prayers coming my way, and genuine expressions of love and concern. They have been patient and willing to let me slack off a little.

We did go to our monthly FHE with the other local senior missionaries and President and Sister Bekker. One brother gave us a lesson on playing the ukulele. He brought extras, and those of us who had one brought them. It was really fun. I have loved re-learning to play the ukulele. When I was a student nurse a small group of us had a little ukulele group going - so much fun. I think my skills have greatly improved from those long ago days. Music has been such an important part of my life and I'm so grateful to pull out my uke, and engage in a little music therapy. Another tender mercy.

Our weekend was quiet which goes perfectly with conference weekend. Friday night we started to watch the BYU game, but I couldn't stay awake. I googled the final result, kept the win a secret, and went to bed - leaving Devon to agonize over the ups and downs by himself. Since our time is four hours behind Utah time, our choices for watching conference were to get up early and watch it live at 6:00 am, or record it and watch later. Easy choice for me! We slept in, had a nice waffle breakfast (gluten-free for me) and then enjoyed conference in our pajamas - more tender mercies. Conference, as always, was wonderful. My heart and soul were inspired. I was filled with peace and a great sense of how much Heavenly Father loves me. This past week I have been acutely aware of how much He is in the details of my life. Every time I feel challenged, He finds a way to reach out and calm my worries. I feel His love. I'm so grateful for the wonderful life I've had - more blessings than I could ever have imagined.


  1. Judy, I'm so sorry to hear you had a hard week but glad you were able to get the help needed. Conference is a wonderful way of putting challenges and trials in perspective. I loved being reminder that we can experience joy even when things look a little bleak. We were at that BYU game and it was one of the most exciting I can remember. Have you met our friends, the Theobalds, yet? Enjoy you mission in paradise!
    The Fugals

  2. Praying for your increased strength and energy and no serious medical problems! Love ya, Lynn

  3. Love you Judy. Hope the Docs figure everything out, so you can really enjoy each day!!