Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 21 Report

Oh my golly! Tomorrow is August. What happened to July? I barely remember it being here. The days fly by. One day it’s Monday and then all of a sudden it’s Friday. Time is going so fast, I suppose because we are so busy. Its all good, just amazing.

We’ve enjoyed watching our recent group of new missionaries adjust to their new situations. Most step in and step up. A few are shy and unsure, and take a little longer to feel comfortable in their new role. This time we’ve had one that just couldn’t pull it together. After 10 days he went home at his own insistence. President did all he could to work out a situation that would work for this sweet missionary, but to no avail. It breaks our hearts knowing what an amazing opportunity was given up on. We pray for this missionary.

On the flip side is the majority – smiling, working hard, kidding around with their new companions, and grateful to be here. We love seeing their bright, beautiful faces, and feel their strong, sure handshakes. They are not supposed to come to the office unless they have official business, and when they come they are not to stay longer than needed to accomplish their assignment. Then off they go. We do love having them drop in, but are careful to not encourage too much socializing.

The mission housing czar (Devon) continues to spend a lot of time moving missionaries from one apartment to another. It is exhausting work - especially in the hot, humid weather we’ve had this last week. Thankfully he can always get a few missionaries to help. When he’s not moving someone, he’s talking to landlords about things that are broken in the apartments. The landlords are not very interested in taking care of problems. 

Speaking of weather – tropical storm Darby came and went. We had a few hours of heavy rain accompanied by quite the lightening and thunder show. One bolt seemed right outside our balcony. I wonder if it was louder because we are 15 floors up. Anyway, it was far less intense than predicted…thankfully.

As soon as I finish the paper work for one transfer it is time to begin work on the upcoming transfers. It is one continual round. The hardest thing for me is keeping it all straight – who is coming, who is going, which letters need to go out at the different times, who needs travel requested, etc. I have a notebook that is organized by arrival and departure dates. Without that I would be totally lost. This week I created the monthly newsletter and A Hui Hou for the next departing group. It’s a newsletter like document with each departing missionary’s photo and their favorite scripture or quote.

Thursday Devon had to take a desk and miscellaneous kitchen things to an apartment in Laie using the mission truck. I decided I would take the afternoon away from the office and go with him. It was wonderful. We also attended the Temple while we were there.

Our broken washing machine was replaced on Friday with a new one – hooray! It’s an apartment size unit with the washer on the bottom and the dryer on the top. It’s smaller than normal, but it sure works great. We just do lots of smaller loads, but no complaints. I’m just grateful to have one in our apartment.

Saturday morning we went to the swap meet again. I had ordered some things from a vender, and they were ready for pick up. In a moment of impulse we also bought another ukulele. Few ukuleles are made in Hawaii. Most of the ones sold here are made either in China or the Philippines. They are pretty decent, but not nearly as good in quality or tone as the Hawaiian ones. Well, we gave in and bought a beautiful one made out of Hawaiian koa wood – a prize here. Here’s hoping we can learn to make beautiful music with it. Devon has caught the ukulele bug. So far he’s learned 2 chords. One more and there’s a whole list of songs he can play. This is going to be fun.

Sunday was wonderful. We went to church and then were able to FaceTime with some of our family. It ended with a fireside at the Honolulu West Stake put on by a young man from Ogden. He has a physical disability that caused his arms to be born less than half the length of normal with fingers fused together. He’s had surgery to separate some fingers. Anyway, he plays the piano and sings. It was very inspirational.

The words from the closing hymn at sacrament meeting today really touched my heart:

I have a family here on earth, They are so good to me.
I want to share my life with them through all eternity.

I have a wonderful family and they are truly so good to me. They have worked hard to take care for things for us so we can be here serving our mission. We really couldn’t have done it without them.  I am grateful for each of them and grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and Savior that provided a way for us to be together forever.


  1. Dear Elder & Sister Tufts....we thank you so much for your priceless "living journal", and want you to know we left a comment for you on your week 19 of July 17th. Thank you for your efforts for all of us....
    Elder & Sister Reynolds

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences on your blog. I always love to read about your adventures and spiritual opportunities. -- Jullie Yochim Payne

  3. I love reading your blog. It sounds good that you're busy all the time. It must be fun to see these wonderful young men and women in action. We love our missionaries.